Commonplace holiday presents like electronics and clothing ultimately decline in value over time. Dr. Ted Pinney’s office makes it possible to give long-lasting happiness to loved ones with the unique gift of Zoom whitening.

Rather than giving another forgettable gift this holiday season, why not invest in a cosmetic treatment that will transform the smile of someone you love? Dr. Ted Pinney is thrilled to offer Zoom teeth whitening as a unique gift option for those in your life that deserve to be pampered and given a beautiful, bright smile. Oftentimes, unique gift ideas are the most rewarding: especially when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures. There really is no present greater than one that holds the potential to increase self-esteem and create ultimate happiness.

Teeth Whitening as a Gift?

You probably have never considered teeth whitening as a gift, but what better gift is there than one that is long-lasting and unique? Many people spend their entire year utilizing their time and money on their family’s needs over their own. Seldom is that money invested in something elective that will ultimately make them feel better about themselves. Gifting Zoom whitening treatments not only provides the funding for this cosmetic dental procedure, but it also gives the recipient a convenient and beneficial reason to take time out of their busy schedule.

Benefits of Zoom Whitening vs. At-Home Whitening Treatments

Although the at-home whitening treatments that can be purchased over-the-counter are less costly, the results you achieve with Zoom whitening far exceed those of at-home kits. Zoom professional whitening is stronger and more effective than over the counter at-home treatments. Additionally, Zoom whitening is performed under the supervision of a licensed dentist, which lowers the risk of undesirable results and increases safety. Although the results of Zoom whitening are not always permanent, after the procedure your dentist can give you take-home treatments to extend the results.

The gift of a whiter, brighter smile with Zoom whitening is not only thoughtful and unique, but can also give the recipient a confidence boost and new outlook on their dental health. Visit Dr. Ted Pinney Office, 815 Marshall Rd, Jacksonville, AR  for someone you love. Or call our office at 501-982-4447 for more information.