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New Year! New Insurance!

Some of you may have new insurance beginning January 1st.  Some will stay the same. It is very important that you let the front office staff know what type of insurance plan you have so that they can help you achieve [...]

Give The Gift Of A Brighter Smile With Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Commonplace holiday presents like electronics and clothing ultimately decline in value over time. Dr. Ted Pinney’s office makes it possible to give long-lasting happiness to loved ones with the unique gift of Zoom whitening. Rather than giving another forgettable gift this [...]

Healthy gums don’t bleed.

Author: Claire Vann, RDH, MS Could you have gingivitis?  The simplest definition of gingivitis is inflammation of your gum tissue - puffy, sore, or bleeding gums. Yes, that bit of blood you notice while rinsing after brushing or flossing is a [...]

Do you have a missing tooth?

Is there a gap in your smile? Do you chew on one side because of a missing molar on the other side? Let’s talk about how we can remedy this situation. When it comes to tooth loss, our next thought should [...]

Endodontics: A Better Smile Inside & Out

Having a smile that’s “good enough” isn’t good enough. Maybe you’ve put off that necessary dental procedure because the problem isn’t bad enough yet. You’ve got a couple of cavities tucked away in the back of your mouth, perhaps, but overall [...]

Sugar Is Stealing Your Family’s Smile

Sugar isn’t sweet. Technically it is, but when you’ve seen as many smiles destroyed by it as I have, sweet isn’t the word I’d use to describe it. As Americans, we eat way too much of the stuff. On average, we [...]

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