Patient Testimonials

At our Jacksonville, Arkansas dental office, we love the fact that we make a positive difference in people’s lives every day. Whether it’s maintaining dental health through regular cleanings, or improving confidence and comfort through orthodontics and implants, everything we do is for our patients!

We can tell you all about the various services we offer and how they’ve changed lives, or we can let you hear it right from our patients themselves! Here you’ll find testimonials from just a few of our satisfied patients.

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Cassie Horn
My whole family is a patient here. My daughter actually is the fourth generation in that office. For me, dentistry is pretty personal. I want a dentist who values that but at the same time, values me as a person. I got to see Dr. Pinney every time I went in. Personable, professional, and amazing – He always acts like you’re the only person in the whole office, even though you know that you’re not, but that’s important, to be able to feel like you matter enough to him.

Bruce Perlsen
Dr. Pinney’s willing to call me after hours when he’s already at home with his family to see how I’m doing, that says a lot to me. In turn, that’s one of the main reasons I’m still there, but to have that much concern and care, he must treat all of his patients that way. He’s very good at what he does and it shows.

Christine Roachell
They’ve all been real nice and friendly and they like to talk to you and make you feel at ease. I actually had one of my teeth, when I was nine months pregnant with my son, one of my teeth just broke and I went in and, of course, he fixed that and I think he had to fill it because it broke in half and I was about to have my baby. So he fixed that up and that was pretty amazing because I was terrified. None of my teeth have ever broken. I’ve hardly ever had cavities. I think I had one cavity probably and they fixed it. So I have never had surgery or anything like that. So that was pretty major for me, just having the broken tooth, but I’ve never had any problems. We’re all happy here, me and my family, and I intend to continue using him as long as we’re able. He’s always been very kind to us and worked with us very well, even with our payments and stuff.

Linda Ballard
I didn’t go to another dentist for probably 12 years, from the time I was 16. Four of my front teeth were really messed up and one was like completely broken off and so, I learned for years not to smile in pictures or show my teeth. I have a complete new smile in the front now, thanks to Dr. Pinney, and people have never ever seen me smile in pictures on Facebook and stuff and the picture I posted the day after we got done with everything, everybody just said it’s amazing. It was just really cool. I don’t know how to describe it. It was just completely 100% turnaround. I get meetings with different people that come into our company now and it’s a whole new perception for them. To me, I have more confidence, I guess. I’ve always been kind of outgoing but now I’ll actually laugh out loud at stuff because I’m not worried about looking all weird. Dr. Pinney has always, always, always taken care of me. He’s just awesome.

Tonya Camplain
Dr. Pinney has a very warm personality, very good with children. We felt very welcomed in the office all the way around, honestly from the staff up to him. When you go into Dr. Pinney’s office, it really does seem like a family atmosphere. They seem like a very good team. You go in and on their walls they have pictures of team activities that they’ve done together. You enjoy those kind of experiences when you go into the office and it’s like that.

Lori Hannah
I don’t have a high pain tolerance, so basically anytime you’re going to have to get in there or shave something down or, of course, if they drill, they’re going to numb you up but Dr. Pinney actually extracted two of my wisdom teeth that were never supposed to come in because my teeth were so crowded. he was wonderful, took both top wisdom teeth out. It was a great experience, didn’t feel anything. Literally he said, ‘Okay, I’m going to poke this’ and my tooth was pulled. Dr. Pinney is amazing. I would refer him to anybody.

Martha Paden
got tired of not being able to eat and I said to myself, there has got to be somebody out there that can make me some teeth. I got to thinking, I had heard, let’s see, one of my friends told me that she had heard that Dr. Pinney was really good. I’ve got the prettiest teeth and the most comfortable teeth that I have ever had. He put them in my mouth today and I am so pleased with him.

Nell Polvado
I went to a dentist for 25 years and I just recently switched dentists and I love the whole office. I like Dr. Pinney, I like his staff, and I would recommend him highly. He’s genuine.

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