Same Day Dentistry

Traditional dental care often means going to the dentist multiple times to complete treatment. Multiple trips may mean countless days in which you have to miss work, take your children out of school, or any other inconvenience to your busy schedule.

At the office of Dr. Ted Pinney, we know how difficult it can be to deal with multiple appointments and pain that isn’t resolved in one visit, that’s why we’re proud to offer Same-day Dentistry, where we make it our goal to solve your problems in one appointment!

We use advanced technology that helps us diagnose your symptoms with pinpoint accuracy. With our state-of-the-art tools, we can treat you faster and restore a healthy smile without all the wait!

Same day dental procedures mean less drilling, fewer injections, and less time out of your busy schedule. You can come in for your appointment and leave a few hours later with a brand new healthy and happy smile! We always strive to complete your dental work in one day, but a second visit may be necessary in some cases.

Find out if we can treat your dental needs with Same-day Dentistry by calling our office at 501-725-8180 or requesting an appointment using our online form.

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