I’m Afraid Of The Dentist

Are you so afraid of the dentist that you postpone dental appointments? Maybe you go to the dentist only when you are in pain. Delaying dental visits can take a toll not only on your dental and overall health, but also on your wallet. It’s cheaper and much less complicated to treat a small cavity than a deep infection.

Your dentist in Jacksonville, AR wants you have the most comfortable dental experience ever. This is why he has designed our practice to be an anxiety-free environment. We use the latest equipment and techniques to make dental procedures faster and more comfortable. We also provide sedation to minimize pain and help anxious and fearful patients relax.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the use of medication to manage dental fear and anxiety. Drugs like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and Valium calm the central nervous system and help you relax. They also have a temporary amnesic effect, meaning you won’t remember much after the procedure. Sedatives can be administered through inhalation, orally or into the vein (intravenously).

Inhalation Sedation

Nitrous oxide gas is one of the most common sedation methods. The colorless, non-irritating gas is administered through a small mask placed over your nose or mouth. Almost immediately after the gas is turned on, you will feel the calming effects of the drug. Most patients report a feeling of euphoria or elation (happy-drunk feeling) and numbness or heaviness in the limbs. You may also feel slightly sleepy. You are fully conscious, however, and are able to communicate with your dentist easily.

Oral and IV Sedation

Oral sedatives are taken by mouth a few minutes before the procedure. People respond differently to oral sedatives, and some people may feel the effects sooner than others. IV sedatives are administered into the vein and are usually prescribed for people with moderate to severe anxiety.

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